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The New Suzuki BROs Get Nice At Milestone ft. Hill, Millsaps, & Tickle

Decent enough edit of some of the new Suzuki shreds at Milestone. No backies from Hill though. Damn it.

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Best Of BRO 2011 – Top News Stories

Doing countdowns and superlatives is basically the go-to move for this time of year. Should be pretty obvious as to why – because it requires virtually no work. I am not the type of person who likes to work. That whole “feeling of accomplishment” thing always made no sense to me. Don’t get me wrong, I totally feel like I accomplished something with BROtocross, but that is only because I am almost famous and get free shit sent to me all the time. The actual work I put in pretty much holds no weight in my mind, not to mention it has not really required much work at all. Anyway, this week I feel like taking it eazy and not doing much. So things may be a bit slow this week, but I will be doing countdowns of some of the best shit on BROtocross in 2011. I am not going to go only by views, since the site now literally gets about 20 times the traffic it did in early 2011, so those numbers are just a little bit skewed in favor of the latest news stories. So here are a few of the big news stories of 2011, in no particular order other than that which I found them in:

Ryan Dungey KTMDungey To KTM Supposedly A Done Deal

This one was big, because it was the first time that I got an actual scoop before the rest of the industry. An inside source at KTM actually got in touch with me and gave me the lowdown, and pretty much every MX media outlet was hitting me up to shake me down for where I got the info. Because they didn’t get it.


James Stewart ArrestedJames Stewart Arrested For Hating Traffic And Authority Like A Boss

This was arguably the biggest news story of the year for motocross. James got arrested and the world paid attention. I was legitimately psyched to see that Stewart does stupid shit like a normal person. It honestly improved his image to me.


Kevin Walker
Kevin Walker Arrested For Filming Kids Taking A Shit. Ha, Classic!

This was eazily the funniest news story of the year, I would say. Some backwoods yokel guy who rips shit up on the track and likes to rip his own shit up watching videos of kids on the john. Hilarious.


Ricky DRicky Dietrich Arrested For Showing His Woman The Backhand

I still have no idea whether this actually happened or not, but I thought it was funny. Not the domestic abuse, but writing about it was funny. Ricky D had a tough year in 2011.


Izzi v. TickleIzzi v. Tickle At Milestone – Who Ya Got?

Fight stories at the track are great. When they are between two pros, it is just epic. Especially when a pro like Tickle is involved since he has not come out of his shell since he miraculously picked up his chick and realized that there was nothing else left for him besides racing.


Stewart SuzukiIs James Stewart Going Suzuki For 2012?

I actually don’t like posting this, since it is not actually news and wound up not even happening. We knew that Bubbsy was testing a Suzuki, and I kind of ran with it, although half of this story did actually play out, since the speculation was that Stewart was going to JGR and JGR was going Suzuki. The reason I am posting this is because it actually is the most viewed post ever. By a fucking mile. People are dumb as fuck.

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To All The Ladies in The Audience – How Divorced Would You Get If Your Husband Had His Boys Wearing Gear And Riding At Your Wedding?

Seriously, we all know that you love moto, BRO. We do, too. It is totally a fun time. But there is a time and a place to leave the MX behind, and walking down the aisle is way past that point. But seriously, I am talking to the 10% of the BRO audience that does not have a dick or knows how to drive – what would be your reaction to your future husband suggesting that all his BROs rip through your wedding reception on their bikes and wear their matching kits while your aging and sickly grandmother literally dies inside? Everyone knows that women are just 24/7 PMS territory before the wedding. Now you come in in the eleventh hour with “Hey dear, I think I want my groomsmen to ride their bikes to our ceremony and wear matching gear with their dirty ass boots instead of tuxes. Oh, and fuck the limo, we are riding away on my murdered out YZ250F.” Where do you get your balls, BRO? Like, that is confidence up the ass to not expect her to annul that shit before it even happens. Once the doughnuts in the reception started happening, I just started looking for the chick’s lawyer with the divorce papers. And why do people think the tie ties it all together? Even though that sentence basically answered my question, I still do not get it. That just makes things all the more awkward.

By the way, this pic surfaced last night on the Twitter and I thought it tied in well. Broc, what is up with that BRO? Not even wearing a #1 jersey either even though he won a championship.
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