MXLarge’s Top 250 Riders In The World. Swing And A Miss, BRO

Serious BROFrom MX Large – After last week’s best of the best in MX1 I thought it might be an idea to go through the best of the best in MX2. Last month’s Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations proved once again that when it comes to the MX2 class Ken Roczen is head and shoulders above all his rivals, both in Europe and in America. Click here to see the full breakdown of the list.
1. Ken Roczen. (GP #1)
2. Jeffrey Herlings. (GP #2)
3. Tommy Searle. (GP #3)
4. Dean Wilson. (AMA #1)
5. Tyla Rattray. (AMA #2)
6. Marvin Musquin. (AMA)
7. Blake Baggett. (AMA #3)
8. Zach Osborne. (GP)
9. Max Anstie. (GP #6)
10. Arnaud Tonus. (GP #5)

So this Geoff Meyer guy is some media BRO from Europe and thinks he knows enough to call out the 10 best guys in the world in the 250 class. The best part of it all is that he writes as if this is an actual ranking with a committee behind it and offices and a treasurer and everything, rather than just one asshole who does not know an American flag from a used tampon. I understand that being from Europe, homeboy is going to have a serious bias in that direction, which he makes abundantly clear with this list. I mean, when you put two Americans on it and one of them is Zach Osborne, you are a bit disconnected from the actual world of MX. The thing that people may not know about me is that I actually follow the GPs fairly regularly, so I know who each of these guys are and what they bring to the table. I am not going to produce my own list because this dude gay’d it up so hard with this one, so I am just going to contribute a couple of notes. I am not saying that I am an objective observer, hence no list, but this list is a fucking crime against humanity.

  • Obviously I  have something to say about Baggett being 7th. Dude wrecked everyone in the qualifier at MXdN and proved this year that when he is on, he is multiple seconds faster than Wilson and Rattray. G-off here mentions that his consistency hurt him this year, but also makes note of the same thing for Herlings, the difference being that he put Herlings in 2nd. Heads up, Baggett beats Herlings every day of the week at any track other than some beach in Denmark.
  • Roczen as #1 is so debatable it would give Obama a brain hemorrhage. I am not saying that he definitely is not, but I will say that it is going to take another year to decide, since giving a guy the #1 in the world when he did not race in America is like saying McDonald’s makes the best hamburgers without ever having tried In ‘N Out. If memory serves, Musquin handed it to Roczen on the regular when he was there. Now he is a fourth place guy. Just saying, no rider in recent history has won a world championship then come over and been a winner in the US. And this year’s MXdN did not prove shit since it was a mud race. You need to take those results with about a kilo of salt. And I know America won. That would happen anyway.
  • Already kind of mentioned this, but Osborne being the only other American on this list reflects how delusional this dude really is. Osborne is a good rider, sure, but he is not the second best American 250 rider. He is the best American in Europe, but again, the best riders are in America, BRO. I would say Barcia easily gets on this list. I understand that he had a shitty outdoor season, but again, in a heads up race with the guys on this list, he is easily contending for top 3. Tomac is another one, and Cunningham could probably smoke a few of these guys, as well. And Anstie on the list? Really?
  • Finally, Dean Wilson and Rattray are better than Searle and Herlings, that is not even a question. I would have to say Musquin definitely is, as well. Once again the dude clearly wrote the list that way to favor the GP riders. That would be fine if the GPs were actually faster, all evidence of course points to the contrary. Why do you think riders “dream of racing in America?” Because America fucking rules, you dumb Nazi.
  • Anonymous

    Wow you are an idiot, you must be part of the woodwork over on Vital !!

  • Euratool

    Tough hit for Swagger, had this been the top 11 or 12, im thinking he a sure bet for this tool sheds list.