Darryn Durham Is Leading The Charge Of The Youth Revolt In Moto

Durham New Orleans

So DD won this weekend and he just got right down to business, as you can see in this pic. Such a savage mother fucker. You have to love it when dudes like this win races, right? Are there any people out there that are bummed out when a guy who clearly got where he was by having fun and doing his thing wins? There cannot be, right? Like, I know that some people get pissed when Villopoto or Dungey win a race. But a dude like Durham or Windham, no one ever gets pissed when they win. I guess you can make the argument that since those guys don’t normally win, people are psyched when they do. But I am saying that instagraming pics of yourself going mouth to mouth on a shot of magic elixir with a heavy set black woman is a good fucking move, for yourself and the sport. I firmly believe that if moto stepped in that direction and riders just came out with stuff like this showing that they all really do party and live like animals that the industry would turn into a better environment for everyone. But it has to be all the riders, just one or two will not do the job. Consider this the call to action: All pros should start instagraming pictures of themselves committing acts of general debauchery, for the good of the sport. It is what the drunken fore fathers of moto would have wanted.

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  • I like that he was a snapback cap instead of the stupid flex fit.

  • FactoryMessageboarder

    Darryn is a bad dude!

  • #likeaboss Durham is the TRUTH!!

  • MC, Factory Phil, Mike Craig and FRO would be proud.

  • Thats how it was back in the 90’s…anyone remember fresno smooth? those dudes didn’t give a fuck and they all loved motocross, didn’t change anything. now you cant say one thing at the track without someone being all up your ass for it